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Our pricing is based on manufacturer’s mark up of a maximum of 25% of cost of production. This pricing is highly negotiable for large orders, especially we potential exist for repeat orders.We have done an environment impact analysis of our manufacturing process and to date there is no known environmentsl pollution that results from the use of our equipment and machines.

Navidale Textiles Ltd takes great steps to ensure the safety of its employees and customers. In its history since establishment, the company has not had any major accident at work, and it is our desire to maintain a clean sheet as far as the health and safety of our workers is concerned.Navidale Textiles (Pvt) Ltd is based in Harare, in the Graniteside industrial area. We deliver to all destinations in Zimbabwe and the SADC region by road. Our own vehicles comprises of 3.5 ton trucks.


Our machines have the capacity to produce 300 units per day, in other words, the company can fulfill an order of 300 jerseys within 2 days, including delivery within Zimbabwe.

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